Benziger Family Winery
Label and Package Design
Benziger’s Sonoma County wine label relied heavily on an illustration of the Benziger ranch and an artificial deckled-parchment background texture to differentiate it visually from other brands — the overall effect was faux-Bordeaux, insert-name-of-winery-here. And the yellow-and-red palette, bland type and commercial-feeling printing were definitely more supermarket than sommelier; Benziger’s evolution as a winery called, ironically, for something more than an evolutionary redesign.

The new Benziger label’s minimalist color palette (deep gray and burgundy on a fresh, creamy ivory), asymmetrical layout, organic texture, and high-end printing techniques (a sculptured emboss and subtle foil stamp) transform the brand, turning everything you think you know about Benziger on its ear — and letting even loyal, longstanding customers know that, as different as the bottle looks, they’re in for a real surprise when they taste the wine inside.
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